Before you receive your transplant, you will need to have a small flexible plastic tube, called a central venous catheter surgically inserted into large vein above your heart. This catheter will allow painless collection of blood samples and the administration of medications, blood products, marrow or stem cells before, during and after transplant. Your BMT Coordinator will arrange the date, time and place for you to have your catheter placement procedure done. They will also provide information regarding pre-procedure requirements that you must follow. If you have any medication allergies, please let your coordinator know before this procedure. The procedure for installing the catheter requires local anesthesia. For many patients this is a relatively simple and pain-less procedure, although some do experience minor discomfort. Pain medication will be available to help with any pain or sourness you may experience after the procedure. You should avoid shower after the catheter is put in, until the area is well healed.

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