Women are the integral part of our society and breast cancer is one of the major fatal disease disturbing our social standards. Working women in this regard often neglect their health issues hence Marketing Department at Shifa International Hospital took an initiative to outreach to the working women in the various organizations on the Twin Cities with the message of the Breast Cancer Awareness.








We classified our initiative into to parts;

  1. Interactive Talks at Corporate Organizations
  2. Partnering with Women/Public Retail Organizations

_DSC0003In the 1st part we have conducted the Interactive Lectures at Jazz Pakistan HQ for the members of the Jazz Ladies Club in collaboration with the Jazz Health & Safety Department. Dr. Uzma Qasim (Consultant Oncologist) was invited to deliver presentation on breast cancer. Participants were informed about breast cancer its symptoms, causes, effects and Importance of Mammography procedure. As a next stage we have conducted similar kind of interactive session at MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas HQ and The Centaurus Mall Training Center for the female employees. Majority of the female employees attended these informative sessions and also requested us to provide them additional breast cancer informations packs so that they can distribute them to females in their family.

WP_20170503_14_14_47_ProFemales not just actively participated in these sessions by openly discussing the complexities of the subject matter but also appreciated the efforts of the Shifa International Hospital for the awareness of breast cancer.

In the 2nd part of the activity we reached out the to retail organization catering several female customers on the daily basis. The objective was to make business owners realize about the importance of spreading the Breast Cancer Awareness to maximum females. Hence following of the organizations pledged to provide the Breast Cancer Information Packs to their females customers on daily basis by placing these info packs at their premises.


  • _DSC0001Pappasallis Restaurant
  • Mr. Books
  • Sobia’s Saloon & Studio
  • Seemi’s Saloon
  • Royali Saloon by L’Oreal
  • First Women Bank









We are also under negotiation for the collaborative Breast Cancer Awareness DSC02198Campaign with the following organization:

  • Depilex Beauty Clinic
  • Jacaranda Family Club – DHA
  • Cinepax Cinemas Rawalpindi (Campaign to be executed after EID)
  • Chaye Khana
  • MCB Bank
  • Meezan Bank
  • Al Baraka Bank
  • Aurat Foundation

Our objective is to reach out to maximum females with the message of breast cancer awareness and for that purpose we believe in taking into the account all types of the marketing tools and mediums.