Breast cancer might occur due to hormones in blood in which cells receptors attach to the estrogens. To cure this, hormone therapy is used in which the therapy reaches cancer cells anywhere in the body. It is usually after the surgery to minimize the risk of cancer coming back to the patient. Normally, this therapy ends in 5 years. It is found very useful in early stage of breast cancer as well as in preventing the disease in very high risk patient.

Hormonal Therapy is used on hormone receptor positive breast cancer and does not work on negative receptor. It treats in two ways; either by lowering amount of hormone estrogens in body or by blocking action of estrogen on the cancer cells. Treatment of breast cancer is a team work. Surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists are important members of this team and work in close coordination.

Hormonal Therapy has its own side effects, depending upon the type of drug intake as medicine. Some major side effect is it starts bone thinning. Doctor might also give medicine to strengthen bones and avoid fractures.