Radiation Therapy is a cancer treatment that uses high energy x-rays to kill cancer cells.It usually begins after 3-4 weeks after surgery to ensure that there is no cancer cell left behind in breast or armpit area.

It detects and destroys undetectable cancer cells and minimizes the risk of recurring of cancer cells in affected area.The course of treatment given to the patient is prescribed by the radiation oncologist according to the medical condition of the patient, keeping in view that if the patient is sensitive to the effects, or pregnant.Also, not every patient is recommended to radiation therapy.Usually those who have surgery called lumpectomy are recommended to have radiotherapy.If the patient is going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy, simultaneously then usually patient is advised to have chemotherapy first

Radiotherapy is a course of three to six weeks managed every day except for weekends.The dose patient receive, is divided into course of smaller fractions of treatment and it takes only few minutes.

However, there are certain side effects to the radiation therapy which varies in its effectiveness on every individual. Most of them are temporary, but some are permanent too which may appear months or years after treatment finishes.