Shifa International Hospital being a socially responsible organization carried out a series of Breast Cancer Awareness Sessions in Bahria University, Quaid-I-Azam University and COMSATS University in the month of May respectively.

_DSC0113Dr. Uzma Qasim (Consultant Oncologist) and Dr. Friha Razzaque (Oncology) shared insights with the participants about Symptoms, Precautions & Diagnosis of Breast Cancer and also that how Breast Cancer can be cured.

Young students took keen interest in the subject matter and also signed-up to volunteer for the Super Girl Volunteership Program to spread the message of the awareness among females in their families and in the neighborhood via the distribution of the Info-Pack prepared by the Marketing Dept. on Breast Cancer Awareness.


The Super-Girl Volunteers of Shifa International Hospital are having presence in the following universities;

Sr. # University Volunteers Awareness Outreach
1 Quaid-I-Azam University 55 230 Females
2 Bahria University 40 470 Females
3 FAST National University 50 Activity in Pipeline
4 Fatima Jinnah Women University 10 Activity in Pipeline
5 COMSATS University 10 200

The Super-Girl Volunteers have also pledged to volunteer for the outdoor awareness activities of Breast Cancer Awareness by Shifa International Hospital and in the fulfillment of their pledge these Volunteers took an active part in Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign held by Shifa International Hospital in The Centaurus Mall on 22nd & 23rd April 2017.

Faculty members at these universities highly appreciated and supported this initiative and urged that Shifa International Hospital should continue with such activities in future as well in order to keep public aware about healthcare and also to promote the sense of social responsibility among university students.