Breast conserving surgery or lumpectomy is a common surgical procedure done to remove the cancer tumor from the patient. The aim is to remove as much cancer as possible. The surgeon removes the part of the breast containing cancer and some normal tissues around it. There aredifferent types of surgeries and they are recommended by the doctor according to the type of cancer and the medical condition of the patient.

Other type of surgery is, Mastectomy. In this surgical procedure the entire breast is removed, including all the breast tissues and the normal tissues around it.

Surgery is often combined with other treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Surgery also helps to find out if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes under the arm.

Patient might experience some long term or late side effects by the procedure. Long term side effects starts during treatment and continue even after the treatment is stopped, whereas late side effects may occur weeks, months or years later after the treatment is finished.