1. Grants application and review process

Research committee for the year will be responsible for  grant evaluation and disbursement

2. Call for proposals: annual

Deadline shall be February 28

All proposals submitted within due timelines will be evaluated by two members derived from SCRC  and research /grants committee. If seed money from first round of applications is left unused, SCRC will announce a second round of grants in August the same year.

3. Topics/preferences:

The preferred topics for health research will be announced. The selection of topics depends on current challenges in health care in Pakistan as well as translational research of national relevance

4. Grant seed money:

Grant seed money depends on the annual budget. The minimum seed money for research presently is

i.   2X Rs. 50,000
ii.  2X Rs. 100,000
iii. 1X Rs. 200,000

5. Grant review:

Grant review will take place by a peer review process by two independent reviewers. Final decision on the grants award will be made in the grants committee meeting. Reviewers will be blinded to the authors’ name and department and each application shall be coded serially

6. Evaluation criteria:

Each grant application will be judged on a minimum fulfillment of the attached criteria (Appendix A)


Grant Evaluation Form Download