Corporate Report 2013

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Dr. Zaheer Ahmad (late) 1948-2011
M.Pharm., M.D.,
Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Habib-ur-Rahman

Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Manzoor H. Qazi

Director, Medical Administration
Dr. M. Saleem Khan

Director, Medical Services
Dr. Mian Amjad Sohail

Director, Surgical Services
Dr. Saleem A. Malik

President, Medical Staff Executive Committee

Dr. Shawkat Matabdin

Director, Strategic Planning & Business Development
Mr. Mahmood Ahmad Mirza

Director, Quality Management System and Quality Assurance
Dr. Mati Ur Rehman

Director, Project
Engineer Ateeq Ahmad

Director, Postgraduate Medical Education
Dr. Darakhsan Jabeen

Director, Nursing Education
Ms. Nuzhat Sultana

Director, Process Improvement and Quality Initiatives
Dr. Zeeshan Bin Ishtiaque

Director, Clinical Nursing
Ms. Yasmeen Saggu

Director, Medical, Faisalabad
Lt Col (R) Dr. M. Latif

Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Sohail A. Siddiqi

Chief Financial Officer, Accounts / Finance

Syed Muneer Hussain

Chief Operating Officer, External Services Division
Mr. Kamal Ahmed Khan

Chief Financial Officer External Services Division
Ms. Sabiha Feroze

Company Secretary
Mr. Muhammad Naeem

Associate Director Clinical Research
Dr. Umar Rasool Malhi

 Management Team  
 Mr. Mohammad Aslam General Manager, Credit and Collection
 Mr. Wazir Mohammad, FCA General Manager, Accounts & Finance
 Mr. Imran Farooqi General Manager, Supply Chain
 Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Hussain General Manager, Management Information Services
 Dr. Malik Imad Khan General Manager, Medical Services
 Mr. Malik Muhammad Uzair General Manager Human Resources, Radiology and Clinical Services
 Brig. (R) Dr. Lubna General Manager IPD
 Mr. Shafqat Ali Hamdani Associate General Manager, Pharmacy
 Mr. Aqeel Mir Associate General Manager, Purchase (Hospital & Project)
 Mr. Afzaal Ahmed Associate General Manager, Administration & Protocol
 Syed Asim Abbas Associate General Manager, Maintenance & Utilities
 Mr. Amer Farooq Associate General Manager and Senior Editor Media Division
 Mr. Mohammad Aslam Chohan Senior Internal Auditor
 Mr. Muhammad Saeed Head of Internal Audit
 Col. (R) Dr. Muhammad Naeem Additional Administrator (Evening)
 Mr. Azmatullah Quraishi Senior Manager, Media & Printing AND Religious Affairs
 Mr. A. D. Zia Senior Manager, Food & Nutrition Services
 Mr. Shams-ur-Rehman Abbasi Senior Manager, Finance & Planning
 Mr. Muhammad Shafqat Iqbal Senior Manager, Management Information Services
 Mr. Muhammad Javed Yar Khan Senior Manager, Management Information Services
 Mr. Muhammad Shahid Tanveer Senior Manager, Administration, Faisalabad
 Dr. Imtiaz Aziz Senior Manager, Medical Support Services
 Mr. Aziz Ur Rasheed Senior Manager, Outpatient Department
 Mr. Anjum Ehsan Senior Manager, Inpatient Department
 Mr. Kashif Khan Senior Manager, Rehabilitation Services
 Mr. Shuja Rauf Senior Manager, ESD Marketing
 Ms. Kalsoom Ramzan Senior Manager, Nursing
 Ms. Raisa Kausar Senior Manager, Nursing
 Mr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Chief Engineer (E & H)
 Mr. Aslam Qureshi Manager, Material Management (Project)
 Mr. Mohammad Ahsan Qazi Manager, Technical, Radiology
 Dr. Nauman Haider Manager, Radiology
 Mr. Umar Aftab Awan Manager, Management Information Services
 Mr. Muazzam Hafeez Ansari Manager, Management Information Services
 Ms. Abida Naqvi Manager, Nursing
 Ms. Rashida Mansoor Manager, Nursing
 Ms. Shabnum Sajawal Manager, Nursing
 Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Akhtar Manager, Purchase (Hospital & Project)
 Mr. Atif Khan Manager, Technical, Operating Room
 Lt. Col Mazhar Jamal Khan Manager, Safety and Security
 Mr. Muhammad Mehboob Manager, Communications
 Mr. Nabeel Malik Manager, Marketing
 Mr. Zahid Alam Siddiqui Manager, Cash and Bank, Accounts / Finance
 Mr. Muhammad Saleem Shah Manager, Cost and Billing, Project Office
 Mr. Khalid Aziz Shaheen Manager, Linen
 Mr. Hubert Haider Manager, Cardio-thoracic / L.T Surgery & O.R Ed.
 Mr. Shahid Iqbal Incharge Transport & Traffic Management
    Surgery & Allied
Dr. Ghulam Siddique Chief
Dr. Mamoon Rashid Associate Chief
    Medicine & Allied
Dr. Nasir Khokhar Chief
Dr. Dr. Syed Nayer Mahmud Associate Chief
Dr. Mrs. K. S. Raja Chief
Dr. Shazia Fakhar Associate Chief
Dr. Shawkat Matabdin Chief
Dr. M. Ashraf Associate Chief
Dr. Musarrat Hussain Chief
Dr. Ejaz A. Khan Associate Chief
Dr. Fazal Ilahi Chief
Dr. Humaira Nasir Associate Chief
Dr. M. Yousaf Chaudhary Chief
Dr. Atif Rana Associate Chief
Dr. M. Asad Saleem Cardiology
Dr. Rasheed A. Chaudhry Dermatology
Dr. Nasim Yusuf Endocrinology
Dr. Wajid Yar Khan Internal Medicine
Dr. Syed Nayer Mahmud Nephrology
Dr. Maimoona Siddiqui Neurology
Dr. Kamran Rshid Oncology
Dr. Mohammad Amin Psychiatry
Dr. Aftab Akhtar Pulmonolgy
Dr. Nasir Khokhar Gastroenterology
Dr. Tauqir Akbar Cardiac Surgery
Dr. Zeba I. Matin Ophthalmology
Dr. Sajjad Hassan Orakzai Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Mamoon Rashid Plastic Surgery
Dr. Inayatullah Khan Neuro Surgery
Dr. Arif Malik Gen. Surgery
Dr. Zafar Iqbal ENT
Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed Dental Surgery
Dr. Faizan Ahmed Urology



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