SIMT Faculty Board Functions

Faculty Board of SIMT provides input and guidance to the Head, SIMT on the following issues:

1-      Academic performance of students

2-      Disciplinary issues arising from student’s performance

3-      Proposed development, revision and quality of Curriculum(s)

4-      Continuous development and training of students as professionals in Medical Technology

5-      Recruitment and selection of students

The board consists of following members from Shifa International Hospitals. Ltd(SIH):

Dr. Habib-ur-Rehman

Chairman Shifa International Hospital

Consultant Cardiologist, Cardiology Department-SIH

Dr. Habib reviews the recommendations by the Faculty board of SIMT. He advises the Head, SIMT on the final decision making regarding the recommendations under discussion in faculty board meeting.

                 Dr. Malik Imad Khan

     Administrator Allied Services- SIH

Dr. Imad reviews the disciplinary issues arising from students performance in academics and clinical areas. He is also an active member of SIMT recruitment and selection process of induction of new batches.

               Dr. Mohammad Nadeem

     Consultant Neurosurgeon, Neuro surgery Department-SIH

He advises the Head, SIMT for the proposed developments and changes in curriculums to enhance the quality of Medical technology program according to the modern trends in the field of medicine.

     Dr. Maimoona Siddiqui

     Consultant Neurologist, HOD, Neurology Division -SIH

Responsible for advising the Head, SIMT for the enhancement of student’s assessment system and methodology to improve the monitoring of student’s academic performance levels.   

               Dr. Farrukh Mateen

     Head, SIMT

     Director, Neurophysiology Lab-SIH

Head, SIMT is responsible for overall planning and monitoring of all the issues relating to academics and administration of SIMT. He monitors and proposes changes in student’s academic and clinical assessment and evaluation systems. And act as a bridge between SIH and STMU for the training needs and requirements of students.

He is also responsible for all the legal affairs of SIMT. He proposes the recommendations to the Faculty Board required for the enhancement of quality of SIMT training program and get them implemented.

                 Dr. Usman Mir

     Program Coordinator-SIMT

He is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of all the academic and administrative recommendations by the faculty board. He is responsible for inter departmental liaison and hence provides regular feedback on the training needs based on trainees development as Medical Technologist to the Head SIMT.