Rules and Regulations

General and Disciplinary Rules:

The trainee will be bound to the bylaws of Shifa International Hospital/Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University/Shifa Institute of Medical Technology and will have to adhere to changes in Shifa Institute of Medical Technology examination policy accordingly.

Breach of these Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines shall render them liable to disciplinary, administrative and legal action but not limited to imposition of fine, suspension or termination from the institute.


  • Every trainee is required to be punctual in both the lecture hall training and during clinical training. Late comers may be marked absent.
  • Attendance will be taken separately during theory, practical subject classes and clinical training.
  • 90 % attendance is mandatory for the trainees (in theory, practical demonstrations and clinical trainings) to be eligible for the semester wise final examination.
  • Any trainee who is absent for six days or more from the lectures , demonstrations, subject training or clinical assignment will not be considered eligible to continue the course.
  • Leave applications must be submitted three days prior to the date of availing leave, except for emergency leave.
  • Trainees are not allowed any type of leave during first six months of training. In case of Emergency, leave will be marked as “Leave without pay” for which  one day scholarship will be deducted from the total amount of Rs.6000/-
  • After six months trainees will be eligible for only casual and sick leaves whose detail will be given to the trainees in the policies of SIMT.
  • Any political, linguistic, secretarian or immoral activity in the hospital premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of mobile phones and cameras is not allowed in the hospital premises.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited for the trainees.
  • Any trainee misbehaving in the area of assignment (lecture halls, skill labs or other assigned areas in the hospital) shall at once be reported to the Head, SIMT. The Head will take action as he may deem proper.
  • The trainee must observe proper dress code policy while in the Hospital.
  • Duty Hours of Medical technologist (trainees) will be from 0830-1700hrs daily (6days a week) during first six months of lecture hall training.
  • Duty Hours for clinical training will be adjusted as per the schedule of clinic or unit assigned.
  • SIH will not be responsible to provide any hostel, transport, and health panel facility during the whole tenure.
  • The institute reserves the right to make, amend and introduce any rule as and when deemed appropriate.
  • The institute with the collaboration of Human Resource and Development Department of Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. shall have the right to take any disciplinary, administrative and legal action against a defaulting student committing breach of any of the institute rules, regulations, guidelines or policies. Such an action may include but not limited to suspension, termination (with immediate effect) , withholding of scholarship for some period of time or non- payment of scholarship for few months particularly due to any of the following:

-       Poor Attendance

-       Poor overall Academic Record

-       Failure in the core subject examination

-       Misconduct or attitude problem

-       Any other reason not specifically mentioned