General Components

A- Didactic Lectures

Extensive class room teaching includes basic subjects, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology.

Teaching of other subjects like Microbiology, Community Medicine, Computers, Physics , Electronics, Nursing English, ECG, Biomedical electronics, bio statistics and JCIA (Joint Commission International Accreditation)

Clinical lectures of assigned area are conducted by the clinical faculty members in close coordination with SIMT department.


B- Tutorials

Includes small group discussions, skill lab tutorials and practical in labs, demonstration of procedures in procedure rooms of respective subjects and clinical areas respectively.


C- Patient bed side clinical skills

  Where we enhance their bed side mannerism and patient handling procedures.


D- Presentations

  Oral Platform presentation

  Poster presentation (which are mostly research based)


E- Clinical Trainings

  After completion of 6 months all trainees would be assigned to their respective matched clinical area based on their educational merit and other’s as defined by their institute.

  Only top three positions in the final examinations of first semester are given the choice of the area according to their own interest.