Bond Agreement & Scholarship

  • Trainee will have to sign a bond agreement with Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. comprising on :

i)      Two and half years of training with Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.

ii)       Further three years of job period (depending on the discretion of management of Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. to offer the job to trainee on completion of Associate degree program)

  • Only few eligible trainees will be given a Rs.6,000/- per month scholarship. Eligibility criteria for scholarship is as follow:

i)      Performance in the class assessment held after first 03 months of core subjects training

ii)      Overall, behavior and attitude of trainee during these first 03 months

  • This Scholarship:

i)        Can be stopped by the Head, SIMT any time pertaining to decline in the academic record or on disciplinary grounds

ii)       The amount is refundable to Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. in case of breach of Bond agreement (Refundable amount = Rs. 6000×number of months of training in Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.)