Each box that applies to you equals 1 point. Total your score at the bottom of each column & compare with the stroke risk levels

Name  Phone  Email 
Risk Factors High Risk Caution Low Risk
Blood Pressure >140/90 or Unknown 135/85 120/80
Irregular Heartbeat Yes I Don’t Know No
Smoking Smoker Trying to Quit Non Smoker
Cholesterol TC > 200/Unknown
      LDL > 120
TC 160 – 200
      LDL 80 – 120
TC > 160
      LDL <80
Diabetes Yes Borderline No
Exercise No Regular Exercise 3 Times per week Regular Exercise
Weight Overweight/Obese Slightly Overweight Healthy Weight
Stroke in Family Yes Not Sure No
Total Score No. of Boxes Checked No. of Boxes Checked No. of Boxes Checked

Results of Stroke Risk Scorecard

 High Risk: If 3 or more risk factors are in “High Risk” Column

 Caution Risk: If 4 to 6 risk factors are in “Caution” column

 Low Risk: If 6 to 8 risk factors are in “Low Risk” column

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