Biomedical Engineering Department – In House Facilities & Achievements.The Role of Biomedical Engineering Department at Shifa International Hospitals  is not only multidimensional in its paramount importance from stand point of effective engineering support but also because of its direct bearing on the human being as it is linked with the most modern technological innovations related to the life saving diagnostic, curative and other healthcare branches.

Biomedical discipline of engineering in Shifa International Hospitals by the grace of God Almighty is commensurate with the high technology which has gone into most of the state of the art medical equipment.The term management not only includes repair / maintenance of the biomedical equipment, but also reflects entire range of engineering support, which comprises of the following:

  • Classification of specialties of medical equipment.
  • Assessment/evaluation and recommendations for procurement of suitable equipment.
  • Ensure Periodic Preventive Maintenance (PPM) and calibration of equipment.
  • Carry out life cycle cost evaluation of equipment.
  • To develop and propose up-gradation / modernization of engineering system from time to time to ensure minimum reliance upon foreign based repair organizations.
  • Plan specialized equipment training to improve skill of staff and repair/maintenance techniques.
  • Arrange re-fresher training course for support personnel according to their levels of responsibilities.
  • Propose specialized test equipment to support electro-medical engineering equipment.
  • To assist in formulating workshop procedures in this discipline.
  • Suggest standardization of various types of equipment to reduce maintenance cost after the procurement.
  • Suggest stocking of assemblies / sub assemblies of Beyond Economical Repairs (BER) equipment subsequent use of spare parts for similar types of equipment. To determine / forecast future of technical stores.