Blood Transfusion Services
Provides special services like Plasmapheresis, stem cell harvest, and single donor plateletpheresis besides running 24/7 for routine donation and issuance service. BTS-SIH takes more than 10,000 blood donations a year and performs viral screening on more than 25,000 samples a year on state of the art Abbott instrument CI 8200X by 4th generation ELISA.
BTS performs ELISA testing for many rheumatic and few infectious disorders besides basic immunology for antibody screening. Recently pre-storage leukodepletion and cryoprecipitate production by blood transfusion service has added to the quality of care for critical patients.
BTS-SIH has supported 1st live donor liver transplant programme in Pakistan by providing around 2,000 blood products on emergency basis for 35 transplant patients in one year.
Blood Donation
Blood is something we all expect to be there for us when we need it, yet only 4% of us give blood – many people would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the generosity of our donors. Most people can give blood, but all donors have to meet the eligibility criteria before their blood is accepted to ensure there’s no risk of us harming you or the patients who will receive it.
Who Can Donate Blood ?

  • Physically and Mentally Healthy Individual.
  • Weight: 50 kg and above.
  • Age:Above 17 years to 65 years.
Those who Cannot Donate Blood
If you have:
  • History of Jaundice/Hepatitis.
  • History of serious illnesses .
  • Drug Addiction.
  • Unsafe Sexual Practices.
  • Major Surgery/Expected Surgery.
  • Pregnancy.

Will I become weak after donation?

 There is no permanent weakness.
 Blood Volume taken is made up in 24-36 hours.
 White Cells in 5 days.
 Red Cells in 21 days.
 You can safely donate blood after 02 months.