Being a caregiver is a big responsibility. It can be physically challenging and emotionally draining. The following are a few helpful hints your caregiver should consider;
a. Informing their employer/institution, depending upon occupation, of their new caregiving responsibilities. 
b. Family medical leave or job flexibility.
c. Stay organized.
d. Developing a schedule; for physician appointments, medication and catheter care.
e. Making a list of important phone numbers and keeping it with them at all the times.
f. Appropriate meals on time
g. Listing any question for BMT Team in a notebook.

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Being flexible; as complications and setbacks can happen.
It is important that while they are caring for patient, they should also be taking care of themselves. For caregivers, it is necessary that they maintain a healthy life style and remember to know their limits and ask for help. Friends/family are often willing to help but are not sure what to do. It helps if there is a list of suggestions that can be referred to;
a. Get enough sleep.
b. Keep their doctor appointments.
c. Set-up a support system; based to help their needs.
d. Find someone who is a good listener.