What is Central Venous Catheter Before Transplant a small plastic tube catheter is surgically inserted into large vein above heart. This catheter allows painless collection of blood samples and the administration of medications, blood products, marrow or stem cells before, during and after transplant. The procedure requires use of local anesthesia which makes it painless for majority of patients however some do experience minor discomfort. Patients are also provided with medication to help help with any pain or sourness you may experience after the procedure How to take Care for Catheter It is recommended that after placement of catheter patients must take following measure
  1. Avoid Showering
  2. Sponge baths for up to one week.
  3. DO NOT go swimming or let catheter go underwater in the bath tub.
Patients & caregivers are briefed on how to change dressing at home. Dressing is usually changed on a weekly basis or if it gets dirty and damaged. They are also taught on how to flush the tubelines and it is advised that patient keep the tubing taped to chest wall to avoid accidentally pulling on it. During the course of treatment, the catheter site will need to be checked often for signs and symptoms of infection.