The initial consultation or meeting will be with your Bone Marrow Transplant physician to determine your need and eligibility for transplant.The patient should bring all the health record with them to the meeting/consultation.The transplant physician will then review your health records and any test results.Knowing your health history assists the physician in making a more informed decision about whether is a good choice for you.When determining whether you should undergo a transplant, the physician will consider you’re:

  • Age
  • General physical condition
  • Diagnosis or cause of your illness
  • Reactions to previous treatments
  • Availability of the donor, if needed
Hospital Admission
Bone Marrow Transplant is usually done on an inpatient basis lasting approximately;
  • Autologous –03 weeks
  • Allogeneic -04-05 weeks

Once you are admitted, you will start on a countdown to the day of the transplant. The day of the transplant is called “Day Zero”. During these days, you will receive chemotherapy known as Conditioning Regimen.The goal of the conditioning regimen is to destroy all the cancerous or diseased cells in your body. It will also destroy enough of your own marrow to allow your or your donor’s healthy marrow to replace it.The type and amount of chemotherapy depends upon your particular disease and the type of transplant you are having.