Department of Radiation Oncology at Shifa has been instrumental in providing radiation therapy services to cancer patients by trained and expert staff since 1994. The department is pioneer in this field being the first radiation therapy center in private sector in Pakistan.

It was probably the first department which introduced and implemented SOPs for radiation therapy including Simulation, Customized Shielding Blocks, Computerized Treatment Planning and Port Films for Treatment Verification.

Presently we provide 2DRT (Two dimensional Radiation Therapy), 3DCRT (Three dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy), IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) and Arc and Rotational Radiation Therapy .

The department is equipped with a state of the art Liner Accelerator and CT Simulator (Wide Bore). The latter is used for accurate visualization of tumors and normal tissues in each individual patient for accurate targeting of tumors and protection of normal tissues.

The department rightly takes pride as the pioneer center that trained man y medical physicists and technologists who are now serving cancer patients in different hospitals in Pakistan as well as abroad.