Food & Nutrition Services Department plays a vital role in overall well being of patients and their swift recovery by providing nutritious food to every individual patient according to his or her specific needs. The department is dedicated to meet the nutritional requirements of the patients, their attendants, employees and medical staff. A team of qualified dietitians regularly supervises the preparation of food including all special diets like NG/PEG feeds, Renal, Hepatic, Neutropenic, Diabetic and Blenderized spoon feeding etc. Accordingly, it is ensured that right diet and hot meals are served to the patients at all times.

Disposable cutlery, crockery, glassware and serving trays etc are used for all admitted infectious disease patients. FNSD ensures that a high standard of hygiene is maintained in preparing and food. Food served to the patients, employees, medical staff and visitors is prepared in strict hygienic conditions. Besides other measures, this end is partly achieved by medical checkups of food handlers at regular intervals. Indoor air quality is maintained as per ASHARE standard in coordination with maintenance department.

Patients’ services food trolleys are electrically heated and thermostatically controlled. During distribution, trolleys are plugged in at floors to ensure that meals remain hot at the time of serving. Almost 1500 meals are served to the admitted patients daily which includes regular meals, special diets, NG/PEG feeds and appropriate snacks according to their dietary requirements as desired by the patients.

Six cafeterias including lounges for Consultants and Managers/MOs are serving sumptuous and healthy food for all. A salad-bar and Shawarma are also provided in the main cafeteria for our respected customers. Four tuck shops and a food cart are another source of providing hot and cold beverages, snacks etc for customers, employees, medical staff and others.

Food safety management, facility management and fire safety are ongoing processes at all times during operations. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) are effectively being implemented and controlled.

Catering services are another unique part of the department, where delicious meals are served at official seminars and other functions. The professionalism and culinary skills of our qualified staff are always admired by the food lovers treating their taste.