We feel pleasure to inform you that Shifa International Hospital has introduced a very comprehensive General Medical Check up Program. Under Executive Medical Check up Program a person is registered, interviewed, counseled, examined and diagnosed by a Medical Specialist.

Tests Conduced to Check Health Status:

Hemoglobin Hepatitis Surface Antigen Glucose Serum
Hematocrit Urinalysis Cholesterol Serum
WBC count Blood Group Triglycerides Serum
RBC count Occult Blood in stool Creatinine Serum
Platelet count Chest X-ray Blood Pressure

For an appointment of General Medical Checkup:

Please call Patient Services Department at Tel # : 051-4603148, 4603055, 4603666

(General Medical Checkup requires 12hrs fasting)

Important Information

  • General Medical Checkup is performed between 8:30 a.m. to 4.00p.m.
  • General Medical Checkup requires two visits. Diagnostic tests will be done on the first visit and medical examination on second visit.
  • You will come in fasting at Registration and bring along your stool & urine specimen (Specimen containers can be collected from the Laboratory in advance).
  • Detailed medical report is mailed to you one week after your examination by the medical Specialist.