Our overall goal is to maintain at all time and under all the conditions a clean, safe and healthy environment for patients, visitors and hospital staff in friendly and courteous manners. To achieve the goal, we have set the quality standard in Housekeeping Manual. We implement and follow it.

Man Power

A devoted/energetic team consisting 158 employees on board under the supervision of Department Head having rich experience of Housekeeping Services at 5-star hotels.

Work Plan

1. Round the year and round the clock coverage of Housekeeping services through pre planned and pre scheduled work plan in each single of the hospital by using most modern equipment and very sophisticated chemicals / disinfectants.

2. All type of waste collection / transportation / storage / incineration and final disposal within the hospital.

3. Having different schedules for different areas as per their need and cleaning processes and classified as:

  • Critical Areas
  • Sub-Critical Areas
  • Non-Critical Areas

On periodical / regular basis to keep the hospital’s cleanliness / hygiene conditions meet the required standard.

Training/Education of Staff

  • Manners / social skills / personal hygiene on rooming
  • Importance of hygiene / sanitation / infection control
  • Daily job assignment
  • SOPs of cleaning
  • Work Instructions
  • Waste handling and disposal techniques
  • Safety and preventive measure
  • Preventive cleaning plans through lectures and on job training.

Pest Management Services

  • Daily Insect and Pest Management Services by Pest Technician under the supervision of an Entomologist
  • Insect and Pest Control
  • Lizard Control
  • De-Rating
  • Snake Control
  • Cat Control
  • Fumigation