Intensive care management of liver transplant patients requires sophisticated monitoring and multi-disciplinary approach. Shifa International hospital houses Pakistan’s largest liver transplant team to cater to both pre-operative and post-operative intensive care of patient and donor by offering advanced intensive care/institution facilities, i.e., diagnostic testing, operating room, blood bank, pharmacy etc.
Immediately following the transplant surgery, the patient and donor are brought to the dedicated liver transplant surgical intensive care unit (ICU) where highly trained physicians and nurses provide them constant care, close supervision in order to ensure normal bodily functions. Following transfer from ICU to an inpatient transplantation unit, patient and donor are monitored by a multi-disciplinary team, i.e., transplant surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, nutritionists, etc. until both patient and donor are fully recovered and suitable for hospital discharge.
A dedicated & newly built Executive floor has been allocated for the hospital stay of the patient and donor for the Liver Transplant Surgery. Our dedicated and professional team of nursing and paramedics provide round the clock care to the patients