This is a preliminary stage in Liver Transplant process for determining the candidacy of the patient. In the process, our transplant team reviews the medical history, conducts diagnostic testing and clinical assessment of the patient.

To help the patient get a thorough understanding and prepare them mentally for the procedure, our transplant team performs general health examination, psychological evaluation, legal and financial counseling sessions with the patient.

Donor assessment is a mandatory process to ensure the liver donor is in a good state of health and the donation will not compromise his/her wellbeing. Our multidisciplinary team performs a series of tests and scans to ensure the optimum physical and mental health of the donor.

After liver transplantation surgery the patient requires careful examination and screening tests to make sure the transplanted liver has started to function. Once the tests are complete, our transplant team prescribes follow-up visits to dispense aftercare and oversee the recovery.

With an internationally recognized team of multidisciplinary medical experts, we offer a full range of hepatobiliary, pancreatic, radiological, endoscopic and surgical interventions, all focused on the unique health needs of the patient.

Shifa International Hospital has so far performed more than 800 Living Donor Liver Transplants of adults, children and infants with success ratio of more than 85%, which is comparable to International standards

Pediatric living-donor liver transplant is a life-saving procedure for many critically ill children. Understanding the special needs children have in liver transplant, Shifa International owns a specialty department that offers comprehensive services to pediatric liver transplant patients.