Over the last 20 years, Shifa International Hospitals has earned the reputation of one of the best hospitals in the region. The Maintenance Department has always been crucial in maintaining the Hospital’s physical environment and providing maintenance services towards the goal of achieving excellence in the delivery of quality healthcare and patient service. Maintenance department has served as a direct resource to the Hospital in providing a safe, functional, supportive, and effective environment for patients, staff members, and individuals who consume the hospital facilities. The Hospital environment is growing and the increased level of service demands on Maintenance department has served as catalyst in undertaking initiatives and accomplishing the same to serve our external and internal customers to optimal satisfaction.

The department provides round the clock emergent maintenance service to the hospital as well as carries out all required planned maintenance. The department also works closely with Infection Control Program across a spectrum of activities, to minimize hospital acquired infections.

The department remains involved in four key areas within the hospital including corrective and preventive maintenance in newly commissioned areas in the hospital, renovation work, maintaining existing plant and equipment, ensuring efficient energy usage and carrying out all these activities in line with laid-down quality standards and procedures.

The department is also working to enhance professional standards to manage the equipment work flow, meet the quality objectives and support the patient care.

The department has established a technical control cell to improve upon the processes and work flow of incoming and outgoing equipment to workshop. Technical control cell also monitors and maintains all documentations of newly inducted equipment inspection, repair maintenance requests and defect reports of equipment.