Shifa International Hospital’s provides comprehensive, holistic quality care to all patients coming to Emergency (ER), Out Patient Department(OPD) and In-Patient Department(IPD).

The purpose of Nursing Division is to combine scientific knowledge with committed services for healing the body, mind and spirit.

Philosophy of Nursing Division

We believe that an optimum standard of nursing care is dependent on the active adoption of the following rights and responsibilities:

The Patient

 –  Has the right to a high standard of nursing care which takes into account physical, psychological, cultural and spiritual needs on an individual basis. –  Has the right to receive adequate health education which will allow him/her to gain and maintain an optimum level of health. –  Has the right to be informed about all care that is given –  Has a right to expect that privacy and confidentiality of all personal information will be maintained. –  Has a right to explain his/her problems or concerns, knowing he/she will be listened to and that action will be taken if necessary.

The Nurse

 –  Has a right to expect the provision of adequate resources to enable optimum standards of care to be maintained at all times. –  Has a right to participate within the hospital structure in the planning and decision making to achieve the objectives of the nursing division. –  Has a right to expect that educational opportunities will be provided to enable each nurse to perform effectively in the role to which he/she is assigned. –  Has a responsibility to maintain his/her knowledge and skills through education and research, to provide optimum nursing care. –  Has a responsibility to communicate and work with other health care members in protecting the interests of the patient and resolving the nurses own personal needs. –  Has a responsibility to co-operate with other health care professionals to provide primitive, preventive, curative, restorative and rehabilitative care services. –  Has a responsibility to participate in ongoing evaluation of his/her competences.