The aim of quality management department is to enhance Patient Safety and provide high quality  services to  patients. Quality at SIH is defined as meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations to delight them. This is accomplished by using processes with a focus on professional quality, client satisfaction, system effectiveness, prevention of non-compliances with proactive approach, interconnections between departments and organizational and societal unification to continuously improve the services provided to the patients.

Shifa International Hospital is committed to create and sustain a culture where quality is embedded from the grass root level all the way to the corporate leadership. The Department of Quality Management Systems is involved in developing, evaluating and implementing effective quality management systems and looking over quality improvement initiatives throughout the Hospital. Shifa has focused its aims on Total Quality Management and follows.

  • Effective involvement and utilization of the entire work force.
  • Continuous improvement of the business processes.
  • Treating suppliers as partners.
  • Establish performance measures for the processes.
  • Modification of Internal Quality Auditing System.
  • Support of the patient safety initiatives.
  • Review the patient satisfaction reports.
  • Strong Incident Reporting System
  • Patient Feedback
  • Management by Facts
  • Benchmarking