Shifa International Hospital boasted of a feather in the cap in 2007 when Interventional Radiology was initiated here and since then it has been known as the most advanced facility of the region providing state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging, minimally invasive procedures and treatments which in the past required alternative treatment options.

By using the power of advanced imaging (Ultrasound, X-Rays, CT Scans, MRI Scans and other innovative methods), Interventional Radiologists can see inside your body and treat complex conditions with the help of the devices such as needles, catheters, balloons and stents to open blocked blood vessels, blocked bleeding vessels, treatment of aneurysms, drain fluid collections, drain bile ducts, perform biopsies and treat many other conditions less invasively and with unprecedented precision. Interventional Radiologists use digital technology to make repairs in the body by making tiny or no incisions. Most Interventional Radiology procedures begin with the prick of a needle which is followed by the Interventional Radiologist guiding a thin wire into a blood vessel to reach and treat the source of the pain or disease. The Radiologist watches the inside of the body on monitor screens and uses the instruments accordingly. Interventional Radiology offers various advantages over traditional invasive procedures i.e. the risk of pain is minimum with no large scars and recovery time is also significantly reduced. Most I.R procedures are performed in OPD (same day procedure) as moderate sedation is used instead of general anesthesia.