Usually our outpatient clinics operate through an appointment system. However, walk-in patients are also taken. To avoid inconvenience and delays it is advisable to guide the patients on the system and options.

Any patient visiting the hospital for the first time, with an appointment, through the Emergency or as walk-in patient needs to register.

The information to be provided at the registration counter must be accurate in the sense that with the name of the patient, the address and telephone contact numbers must be correct. Please ensure that any changes in information must be communicated, so that no inconvenience is faced.

This registration generates a file with a Medical Record Number or M.R. # that saves all record of visits, consultations/Investigations, etc.

For further information contact:
Telephone No: +92518463006, +92518463055, +92518463056

Appointment: If you wish to refer a patient to an individual consultant for an appointment please call +92-51-846-46-46