What are clinical trials
Courtesy:Ms Faiza Khawaja
Welcome to Shifa Clinical Research Center (SCRC)!
We are located on D4 of Shifa International Hospital, H-8 Islamabad. The primary goal of our research center is to house collaborative health research and clinical trials for the advancement of medical science.
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Guidelines for participants:
Clinical research is health or biomedical research that enrolls human subjects. The study takes place in a clinical setup and follows health research guidelines. In a clinical study, a study candidate is evaluated on the basis of type and severity/status of diseases and then enrolled in the relevant clinical study by the clinical research coordinator. One other method of getting enrolled in a clinical study is that the participants complete the questionnaire compiled by the investigator, may give blood sample but the criteria varies with nature of study. Sometimes health volunteers may be enrolled in what are known as Phase 1 and Phase 11 trials

The participant of a clinical trial/study plays a pivotal role in the study. By participating in the clinical trial, the participant can avail the novel therapeutic options which are not available as other established therapeutic options. It does not always come with a promise of success but the participants participation is beneficial not only to oneself but to the benefit of humanity by helping advance medical research. Advancement in clinical research is a collaborative effort of participants and research team.
If you want to participate in our clinical trials or have any questions, kindly contact our senior clinical research associate Dr Ammad Fahim or mail to scrc@shifa.com.pk . You can also share you option or question here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You can contact our study coordinator for assessment about participation in ongoing trials relevant to your condition and your suitability for the study.

Sure you can. It is your decision whether you want to be a part of a study or not.

You may not get a direct benefit but your contribution may indirectly benefit several others.

Yes, it has passed the Phase I and II trials and there is a high possibility that the drug will not cause any significant harm but still there is no guarantee.

It depends on the nature of study but you will be informed on every step and you can always make a choice if you want to continue or not.

Sure you can come. Leaving the study will not affect your relationship with hospital staff, your physician or the quality of health care being provided to you.

No, you will be called at pre-determined intervals for follow up for remote surveillance as specified by the protocol.

No, the study is not meant to enroll paid participants but costs of travel/visits and additional trial related investigation me be reimbursed or conducted free.

The study sponsor has the responsibility to take care of any additional medical expenditure that may be incurred by the study or are above the routine expected test.

If your sickness is not an outcome of the investigational drug that was given to you than the sponsor holds no responsibility of your treatment, otherwise you will be provided treatment by the sponsor.

You can call your study nurse/research assistant/principal investigator immediately.

You can contact your listed investigators /study nurse/research assistant.

If the results do not compromise the trial integrity or result in premature conclusion, then you may request your tests.

There is no guarantee for cure.

Yes, it is up to you.