As a public limited company, Shifa owes great responsibility towards its shareholders, at home and abroad. Shares department at Shifa plays a pivotal role as a link between the shareholders and the company besides undertaking a number of jobs related to the Board of Directors and regulatory bodies of the government of Pakistan.

The department also arranges for Company Meetings including preparation of notices, agenda, minutes etc. besides coordinating with various regulatory bodies and furnishing updated information according to legal requirements.

The Shares department endeavors to comply with all the applicable laws while performing its day to day functions. The department always keeps abreast of changes and amendments in the relevant laws to perform its duties to various stakeholders up to the mark.

In order to comply with the requirement of section 204-A of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 the Company has appointed M/s Corplink (Private) Limited, Lahore as the independent share registrar of the Company.

Shares Office
Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. Sector H-8/4,
Islamabad – Pakistan
Fax: +92-4863192
Share Registrar
M/s Corplink (Pvt.) Ltd. Wings Arcade, 1-K, Commercial,
Model Town, Lahore – Pakistan
Phone: +92-4235839182, +92-4235916714-19
Fax: +92-4235869037