Shifa International Distribution Services (SIDS) at Shifa has been created to expand service outreach to make quality healthcare accessible to different demographic and geographic segments of society, by establishing quality benchmarks in primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare. Due to variety of factors, including diverse geography and social fragmentation, many communities within Pakistan face severe limitation in their access to medical care. Shifa realizes that private sector’s role and contribution to strengthen healthcare delivery channel is ever increasing. Shifa believes that ease of access and outreach of quality healthcare services is the main determinant to ensure well being and health of social communities.

SIDS has been working upon to explore frontiers all across Pakistan to open primary and tertiary care hospitals, consulting clinics, diagnostic centers, laboratory collection points, and retail community pharmacies.

Establishing and expanding quality healthcare facilities at one end are associated with commitment and dedication. On the other hand, capital and physical infrastructure is also a prerequisite to accomplish service outreach. Shifa, being socially responsible organization is determined to overcome these challenges to contribute value to the society.

SIDS’s service portfolio comprises diagnostic facilities by establishing Laboratory Collection Points and Stat laboratories at different locations, radiology services, community pharmacies, secondary and tertiary care hospitals, and consulting clinic setups to provide consultancy services in different medical and surgical specialties.