Under the guidance of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Planning & Business Development (SP&BD) division has developed and launched a 3 Year Strategic Operating Plan and has initiated Structured Reviews. This process has been institutionalized throughout the organization and it would go a long way in systematic, timely and future oriented decision making and execution.

SP&BD Division has also updated Mission, Vision, Values and has defined Strategic Imperatives to align them with the organizational aspirations and future goals.

Moreover, the SP&BD has organized Strategic Execution Teams to engage broader leadership team and drive accountability during implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Planning at Shifa starts with clear guidance from the Board while keeping in view the mission and vision of the organization. This creates strategic priorities called “Strategic Imperatives” which give form to actionable strategies and programs.Goals and Objectives are linked with the strategic imperatives of the organization and later performance reviews, talent reviews and leadership development is based on achievement of these goals and objectives as depicted by the picture below: