Our staff is our most important customer. Shifa accords great importance to the development of the human resource. Fresh hands are molded into skilled professionals. In a patient services environment the quality of our services is an extension of the quality of our human resource, especially when more than a 1,000 members of Shifa family are working under a common objective:

‘To Continuously Improve Patients Satisfaction’

The Development Department supported with the Department of Human Resource is responsible for meeting both the organizational and individual training needs. The training and development has the following stages:

  • Job Descriptions & Hiring A Match of Skills and Abilities
  • Job Performance Evaluation & Training Need Analysis
  • Organization & Department Level Training Plans
  • Internal and External Trainings
  • On the Job Training Outcome Evaluation

Under the above framework in 2002-03 the Shifa Family was imparted with the skills for English language & Communication Manners, Customers Services, Effective Communication and Report Writing, Receptionist Skills, Handling Customers Complaints, Presentation Skills, Work Management, Office Management, Stress Management, Managerial Competency Skills, Hospital Waste Management, SIH MIS User Systems, Working under ISO 9001:2000, ISO Internal Auditor Certification, Basics of Office Computing, Usage of Internet, Cash Collection and its Safety, Maintenance and its Handling of Doubtful Accounts, Quarterly & Annual Accounts, Budgeting and Budget Variances, Orientation of New Starters, Fire Prevention and Management, Supervisory Skills, Personal Development, HRM Strategic Management courses.

Shifa undergoes an extensive training need analysis based on which a proper one year Training Plan is made. Alongside on-the-job Training and Evaluation Campaigns are conducted on continuous basis.