Shifa International Hospital Installs State-Of-The-Art 900KWP DC Solar Power System In Wake Of Commitment Towards Sustainable Environment


Shifa International Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare while reducing our carbon footprint. In the wake of high energy prices and commitment towards a sustainable environment, shifa is proud to announce the installation of its state-of-the-art 900kWp DC solar power system.
With this system, the power of the sun will be harnessed to provide clean, renewable energy to the facility. This not only helps to reduce the reliance on traditional energy sources but also helps to lower operational costs.
Shifa’s solar power system also supports its commitment to sustainability and the environment. By reducing carbon emissions, shifa is contributing to creating a healthier planet for our patients and their families.
The system has resulted to be much-needed support to the existing power network previously having peak summer demand of 3.5MW out of which 0.8MW will be compensated by solar power.
The system will be delivering approximately 1.2 Million Units per Annum to the hospital and is just one of the many ways the hospital is working to provide the best possible care to our patients while also making a positive impact on the world around us.

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