Chairman’s Message

Continuing movement is a sign of life and the core of our business is saving lives; we don’t have the luxury of resting. The ideals that serve as the foundations of Shifa International Hospitals demand us to be on toes with untiring commitment to excellence as our core corporate strategy as well as responsibility. During the year under review we established the Shifa Clinical Research Center to ensure that; a) our team is fully ready to cope with the challenges posed by changing disease patterns and treatment modalities, and b) research-based evidence is available to different strata of national healthcare community which don’t have either resources or capacity to conduct clinical research. The fruit of this exercise, I believe, shall go a long way in strengthening national healthcare community and improving healthcare culture across Pakistan. This will eventually contribute to the patients’ welfare and help build a healthier Pakistan. We are equally mindful of the training and development needs of paramedical and non-medical staff to achieve the best possible outcome of our treatment interventions. Training and Development of staff is a regular feature of our functioning that continues throughout the year and our BoD puts special emphasis on this aspect. Education support, educational leaves and exposure trips are but a few steps in this regard.
With the active and expanding operational presence of ShifaTameer-e-Millat University in Islamabad, we are developing precious human resource of qualified healthcare professionals. This lot will definitely impact the national healthcare culture in greater ways and contribute to the achievement of our ideals in the years to come.
We always believed that Corporate Social Responsibility was never the name of a few sporadic philanthropic initiatives carried out in isolation. We view this phenomenon as a necessary outcome of our corporate functions. While we strive, as a company, to safeguard the interests of our valued shareholders we simultaneously take pains to design our operations in a way that adds value to community and industry development. Be it environment protection, enriching academia or serving the indigent fellows we remain mindful of our responsibilities in each and everything that we undertake as a corporate entity. It goes without saying that as a developing country we have a long way to go before we can reach a stage where quality healthcare is in the reach of every person in need. The task is gigantic but not beyond the reach of sincere human resolve. While we, as a company, remain focused on our growth to shoulder our part of responsibility to this nation we are equally concerned about putting our share in capacity building of other players in the industry. This is being done through a two-pronged strategy. On one hand we are searching new avenues to expand our presence & outreach and on the other we are offering our expertise to help build and improve budding and existing healthcare setups.
For the latter, we have established an associated company — Shifa Development Services (Pvt.) Limited — to help healthcare businesses develop and grow on sustainable and quality lines. We are seriously exploring opportunities of expanding our geographic footprint. We are persistent in our steadfastness and have confidence in the truthfulness of our direction. With these we strive to accomplish newer successes in our inseparable business and social endeavors. I am indebted to the shareholders, the Board of Directors, consultants, employees, management and not the least, the patients – who all have contributed in making Shifa International Hospitals, Limited a responsible, futuristic and forward-looking national institution.