Considering a dire need of establishing a Center of Excellence in Liver Diseases and to established a sustainable Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgery Program in Pakistan, Shifa Intl. Hospital Islamabad started its preliminary project work in 2011. On 30th April 2012, Shifa Liver Transplant team performed its first Living Donor Liver Transplant Surgery on a 12 year old patient. Since then, over 800 Living Donor Liver Transplant Surgeries have been performed at the facility. The center is currently performing over 200 Liver Transplants per year with success rate compatible to International standards.  For Pakistani patients, who mostly needed to go abroad for Liver Transplantation are now benefiting availability of this complex surgical treatment in homeland.

Today, Pakistan is among World’s leading nations who have been successfully providing Liver Transplantation services to their people in conformity with International quality & patient safety standards. It is a landmark achievement in Pakistan’s medical history that such a complex and advanced surgical treatment has been provided to the Pakistanis by utilizing expertise of Pakistani healthcare professionals at a local facility.