Liver Transplant in Pakistan – A Milestone Achieved

Liver transplant is a treatment option for people with liver failure and for some people with liver cancer who have significant complications due to end-stage chronic liver disease. The chronic liver failure may be caused by a variety of conditions. Among other causes, Hepatitis B & C viruses remain the major cause of cirrhosis leading to liver failure and liver transplant. Cirrhosis is so far the most frequently cited reason for a liver transplant.

It is estimated that over 2.5 million people in Pakistan require Liver Transplantation at any stage during their treatment. The availability of sustainable and quality Liver Transplantation & Hepatobiliary surgery services in Pakistan is a great benefit to the local population, which previously had no option than to go overseas for the treatment.

Today, Pakistan is among the World’s leading nations who have been successfully providing Liver Transplantation services to their people in conformity with International quality & patient safety standards. It is a landmark achievement in Pakistan’s medical history that such a complex and advanced surgical treatment has been provided at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad to Pakistanis by utilizing the expertise of Pakistani healthcare professionals.

Living-Donor liver transplant services currently being offered at Shifa International Hospital are currently one of the most complete and comprehensive services offered in the country, with the highest success rate and the largest liver transplant team in the country. Our transplant program has been running since 2009 to ensure that the people of Pakistan get no less than the best treatment available. Strict adherence to quality guidelines and a multi-disciplinary team of specialists make our liver transplant program, Pakistan’s leading transplant program.