Investor Information

Symbol of the company assigned by respective Stock Exchange and website link of stock exchange(s) where the Company is listed
  • Symbol of the Company


  • The Company is listed on the following Stock Exchange(s):
Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd
Stock Exchange Building,
Stock Exchange Road,
UAN: 021-111-001-122
Fax: 021-111-573-329

ii. Annual Reports for the current financial year as well as the previous two years

iii. Financial Highlights for previous five years
iv. Interim Accounts i.e. latest available accounts as well as for the last three quarters
v. As per the latest available yearly Earning Per Share and Share Breakup Value on the basis of financial statements
EPS Breakup Value
(Rs.) (Rs.)
14.25 103.54
vi. Name and Address of Share Registrar
     Share Registrar
     M/s Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
     Wings Arcade, 1-K,Commercial Model Town,
     Lahore – Pakistan
     Tel:+92 -0423-5839182, 5916714, 5916719
     Fax:+92 – 042 -5869037

vii. Free Float of the Shares of Company

      Free Float on March 31, 2020 is 33,446,795  View/Download



Others Information
1. Compliance Certificate: Compliance Certificate
2. Request Form for Receiving Soft Copy of Audited Financial Statements and Notices
As per directives of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan vide No. S.R.O. 787 (I)/2014 dated 8th September 2014, shareholders of Shifa International Hospitals Limited who intend to receive Audited Financial Statements along with notice of Annual General Meeting through e-mail are required to send the enclosed request form, duly filled in and signed as per instructions given on the form to:

i. Shares Registrar, M/s Corplink (Pvt.) Limited, Wings Arcade, 1-K, Commercial, Model Town, Lahore in case of shares in physical form

ii. Participant/Investor Account Services in case shareholding is being maintained under Central Depository System (CDS).


3. Dividend Mandate Form with complete IBAN Bank Account Details for Electronic Credit of Cash Dividend Payment as per the Companies Act, 2017: View/Download

4. Revised Treatment of Withholding Tax: View/Download

5. Request Form for receiving Hard Copy of Annual Report: View/Download

6. Shifa Card Application Form for Our Valued Shareholders: View/Download