Quality Policy

To provide cost effective quality medical care to all patients, ensuring ethical practice of medicine.
Our quality objective is to continuously improve patient satisfaction.

Environmental Occupational Health & Safety (EOHS) Policy

Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. (SIH) is a responsible corporate entity with an aim to provide quality healthcare services to all. SIH has a strong commitment to environmental excellence and seeks to ensure socio-ecological harmony to reduce overall environmental footprint and threat to public health. SIH considers health and safety of infrastructure, assets and personnel as an imperative part of the operations to ensure patient safety and quality healthcare services. SIH, strives to maintain highest standards of occupational safety to ensure that staff, patients, contractors, visitors or any independent entity working inside its premises are safe from hazards and associated risk at workplace.

The management has a unanimous resolution in developing and maintaining immaculate standards of health and safety and environmentally sound practices for a prosperous and sustainable business. SIH has a commitment to ensure:

  • Compliance of all applicable and relevant Environment, Health and Safety Laws and Regulations;
  • Environmental protection through adherence to sustainable and best environmental practice as per Environmental Management plan;
  • Develop and maintain organisational policies and procedures related to Environmental and occupational Health and safety;
  • Grievance redressal of staff and interested parties regarding EOHS;
  • Budget allocation for the provision of necessary arrangements and resources required for the health, safety and wellbeing of staff;
  • Prevention or reduction of injury and ill heath by maintaining a health workplace environment;
  • Provision of necessary arrangements and training for emergency preparedness and efficient response;
  • Adherence of cleaner production technology for processes, operating procedures, input materials and technology to optimize resource utilization, energy efficiency and sustainability;
  • EHS performance measurement and monitoring through auditing on periodic basis.