Admission & Discharge

All admissions are subject to availability of beds.For admissions of stable patients you may refer to outpatient Consulting Clinic. For critically ill patients visit the Emergency.
At the time of admission, the referring authority issues a ‘In Patient Reservation Form’ which details provisional diagnosis etc. The patient comes to the Admission & Discharge, submits the form, choose a room category by consulting the Inpatient Charges & Consent for Payment. The patient is given the room of choice (subject to availability). There are Companies that are registered on the Panel. You may consult the Panel List to know if you can avail the facility.
For further information contact:
For Regular Admissions +92518463156, +92518463157, +92518463158, +92518464330
For Emergency Admissions +92518463835, +92518463147, +92518464089
For Insurance / Panel Approval +92518463159