COVID-19 Antibody Blood Test

Anti SARS COV-2 Antibodies or simply is COVID-19 Antibody Testing a serology-based Antibody testing technique for diagnosis of COVID-19.


  • A reliable way to detect if the patient was previously exposed to COVID-19
  • The Test is performed on fully automated ECL Technology with FDA approved kits
  • Test samples can be collected at Shifa Lab Collection Points as well

Test Charges: PKR 2,170/-

Reporting Time: Within 3 hours of receiving the sample

Get your Housekeepers & Helpers tested for the Safety of Everyone. Also, Get your Employees tested to ensure a Safe Working Environment.

Specimen Collection: For Home & Office Sample Collection, please call: 051-8464646, 051-111 274 432, Service is also available at Shifa Lab Collection Points.

Disclaimer: Antibody test should not be used solely to rule out or confirm COVID-19 diseases to rule out or confirm COVID-19 diseases. PCR for COVID-19 should be performed for confirmation