Blood Transfusion Services

Blood transfusion services is a 24/7 running department, conducting around 15,000 blood donations a year, preparing four blood components & serving a specialized tertiary care facility after serological & NAAT testing.

The department is recognized for transfusion medicine training to Hematology residents since 2013, as it provides special services like peripheral blood stem cell harvests, single donor platelet apheresis, and plasmapheresis round the clock for critical patients.BTS-SIH has performed more than 200 PBSC harvest procedures and is performing universal malaria & syphilis screening on all blood donations since 2015. BTS-SIH is unique in its scope of service, supporting three heavy/specialized transfusion demands of the liver, bone marrow & kidney transplants besides serving a varied patient population of dialysis, pediatrics, obstetric & gynae.