Even though your transplant is officially “over,” your medical recovery is not. It may take several months for your blood cells to be regenerated to normal levels, and up to two years before your immune system is fully functional. Until then, you will continue to be at increased risk for infection, bleeding and fatigue, depending on your blood cell counts. This risk will decrease as your counts come up. The nature of your follow-up care will depend on many factors, but you will most likely need to return to the hospital for frequent outpatient visits in the weeks and months following your discharge. Appointments will probably be weekly or bi-weekly for a few months.
If you don’t live near the transplant center, you and your caregiver will need to arrange for lodging in the area near SIH for at least one or two months (your transplant coordinator can help with this). The hospital will provide you with specific instructions for your daily follow-up care, including your appointment schedule, any medications you will take and information on preventing infections and keeping your central line clean.
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