Chemical Pathology

The chemical pathology section utilizes services of fully automated state-of-the-art integrated chemistry analyzers, which perform routine and specialized chemistry tests including hormones, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse and tumor markers. The scope of tests being performed on these instruments has been expanding with addition of newer tests every year. We also provide services of osmometry, calculi analysis and blood gases. There is a continuous growth in chemistry tests and we have performed more than 1,400,000 tests in 2014-2015. About 125,000 STAT tests were also performed. The PANIC values are immediately communicated to concerned person. After initiation of liver transplant program, the department is providing results within minutes during surgery which facilitates the work of surgeons and anesthetists. We have excellent internal and external (USA) quality control programs. The chemical pathology has been among the “best group of laboratories” according to latest Bio-RAD (USA) feedback. The department is also providing services in emergency rooms as STAT chemistry tests, which have facilitated healthcare delivery more efficiently.