Critical Care & Pulmonary Medicine

Shifa has offering state of the art services to critical patients in its Critical Care & Pulmonary Medicine Department. Patients suffering from different pulmonary problems are offered a variety of services by our highly qualified faculty. Few highlights of Critical care & Pulmonary Medicine Department include;

  • 100 plus Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds
  • Medical ICU team has started Rapid Response Team (RRT) which has improved patient outcome and reduced code blue patient, first ever in the region
  • Highly experienced and foreign trained Consultants implementing International guidelines
  • Round the clock availability of a Medical Specialist in the ICU
  • Sleep disorders can now be diagnosed in a newly established Sleep lab
  • Fellowship program has been offered in Critical Care

24/7 Emergency Services
The hospital is offering 24-hour emergency & trauma services (150 Critical Care and ER Beds) by specialists who are Board certified in emergency medicine & critical care. The Emergency department deals with routine patient inflow as well as patients referred from other hospitals and offer services in all sub specialties of medicine and surgical disciplines.
In Emergency department we do triage on all patients. Triage is the mechanism by which we evaluate and prioritize patients based upon a defined system. We also utilize a new concept called RAAT (Rapid Assessment and Treatment) by a doctor at the front door.
Depending on need, we are equipped to take help from all lab tests and radiological procedures to evaluate the patient. Our patients are treated by experienced physicians in emergency medicine and a senior doctor is always available in the department.
We follow standardized practices of emergency care and expedite the process to sort out all patients within 4 hours. It helps improve the patients flow and enhances patient satisfaction. Shifa international Hospital’s Emergency Department, just like the Hospital, is a story of consistent growth in terms of scope and quality of crucial emergency healthcare.