Emergency Medicine

The preservation of life is the foremost priority and duty of any healthcare facility.  Medical emergencies are both unpredictable and life-threatening, which makes it critical for the patient to receive proper medical care in a timely fashion. The best course of action is admitting the patient to a medical facility staffed with qualified medical specialists and equipped with the latest machines.

We prioritize patient well-being above all else and remain open 24/7. ER facility  is equipped for dealing with all natures of emergencies, eliminating the stress of finding the right healthcare facility for the type of emergency. The objective we believe in is simple: dispensing high-end medical care for all patients while continuously improving the standards of our medical services with the latest technology and medical techniques. Our entire staff undergoes a strict selection criterion followed by rigorous training which continues throughout their tenure. This ensures the quality of healthcare we believe in fully administered to patients.

Shifa Department of Emergency Medicine

Shifa International Hospital’s emergency department is a 50-bedded fully equipped facility, that is staffed with ER trained medical and Para-medical staff, capable to deal all major medical, surgical, pediatric, Obs/ gyne emergencies. The department practices triage mechanism by which patients are evaluated and prioritized based upon a defined system called Emergency Severity Index, and concept called RAAT (Rapid Assessment and Treatment) has also been in practice. The patients are treated by experienced physicians in emergency medicine and a senior doctor remains always available 24/7. Separate procedure room, triage areas, on-site pharmacy, lab, and dedicated CT room are the highlights of the ER. The department has staffed 48 doctors, including 8 full-time consultants, 4 assistant consultants, a well-trained nursing team of about 75 people and a team of administration professionals of 12 person to facilitate the patients round the clock.

  • ER Department is well equipped with an adequate number of cardiac monitors, defibrillators and other important equipment including ventilators and a dedicated ultrasound machine
  • The Radiology department is in close proximity so that imaging can be obtained easily when clinically indicated
  • Key laboratory tests can be carried out in the ER while the rest are sent to the central laboratory with efficient turn-around-time
  • The department has also been managing stroke emergencies successfully. A stroke code is a close interaction and action of emergency physicians with the neurology and radiology departments. A CT-Scan is done as soon as possible to decide about the thrombolytic drug (clot-dissolving treatment)
  • The emergency department provides fast track emergency care and 24-hour availability of an expert Cardiologist for heart emergencies (heart Attack/ Chest Pain). The facility also provides 24/7 support for performing coronary angiography, CT-Angio, angioplasty, and cardiac surgeries
  • The emergency department has also been managing and treating all kinds of trauma and accidents, and has defined pathway to handle such critical cases in close coordination with Neuro, Ortho, vascular, plastics and general surgery 24/7

Dr. Abdus Salam Khan

Dr.Khawaja Junaid Mustafa

Dr.Huma Hasnain

Dr. Ahmad Fawad Ali
Associate Consultant

Dr. Syeda Sobya Owais
Associate Consultant

Dr. Syeda Shazia Batool
Associate Consultant

Dr. Abdul Sattar
Associate Consultant

Dr. Nabila Haroon
Associate Consultant