Ensuring Compliance International Quality Healthcare Standards

Hospitals operate in an incredibly complex and difficult environment to ensure international healthcare quality standards. As a healthcare services provider, the most salient recognition by Shifa International Hospitals Ltd (H-8/4, Islamabad) is achieving accreditation by JCI (Joint Commission International) in 2017.

JCI is the world’s leader in healthcare accreditation and the author and evaluator of the most rigorous international standards in quality and patient safety.   The journey towards acquiring JCI accreditation was very challenging. It required a quality-oriented corporate culture and commitment at all management and operational levels. In 2017, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd (H-84, Islamabad) became Pakistan’s 1st Public Limited Hospital to get accredited by JCI.

The achievement of obtaining the prestigious JCI Accreditation in 2017 is itself an affirmation of Shifa’s commitment towards the provision of quality healthcare services in Pakistan. It required years of efforts to restructure the hospital from installing the fireproof doors to enhancing and standardizing healthcare practices and patient safety policies- all to ensure an infection-free environment for our valued patients. This relationship does not stop at the initial accreditation, as Shifa will continuously work with JCI to maintain accreditation, keep up-to-date with new standards and seek guidance on continuous performance improvement.

Patient feedback is always considered a vital part to improvise service delivery processes and care pathways. Regular patient satisfaction surveys are conducted by IPD teams. All patient feedback and complaints are reviewed by the Quality & Patient experience teams to devise preventive and remedial actions.