Epilepsy Treatment through Advanced Neurosurgical Procedure – Success Story of 12 Year Old “Zeeshan Faisal”

Zeeshan Faisal, hailing from Charsadda, was diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was just 5 years old. Regular episodes of Epilepsy were affecting his daily life and he was unable to participate in routine activities as a normal kid.

“I went to many hospitals in Karachi, Lahore and other major cities for the treatment of my son and every doctor we went to suggested the use of oral medications which did very little help to us” said Mr. Faisal (Father of Zeeshan).

Zeeshan along with his father visited Shifa International Hospital last year, where they were recommended to pursue “Temporal Lobe Surgery” in which a section of the brain responsible for Epilepsy, known as the “Hippocampus”, is surgically removed.

Dr. Akbar Khan (Consultant Neurosurgeon) performed this complex procedure and supervised Zeeshan’s recovery for a year. “This delicate procedure not only requires a trained neurosurgeon but also a multidisciplinary team of specialists and paramedical staff equipped with state-of-the-art facility catering to all aspects of patient treatment. Shifa International Hospital is among the few institutions in Pakistan which is currently capable of providing this treatment” said Dr. Akbar Khan.

“We are thankful to Shifa and Dr. Akbar Khan that my son is now living a normal and healthy life “said Mr. Faisal. Zeeshan has not experienced a single epilepsy seizure for the past ‘one year’ and is enjoying daily life like any normal child. Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad is among only few healthcare providers in Pakistan providing advanced minimally invasive neurosurgical treatment options to Pakistani patients suffering from complex Brain and Spine problems and the recovery of Zeeshan is a testament to the highest quality of care that is provided at Shifa International.