Healthcare Quality & Administration Program

“Give your Career a Boost by taking part in our Healthcare Quality and Administration Program”

Healthcare Quality Improves Patient Satisfaction & Clinical Outcomes

Healthcare Quality is crucial to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s competitive and ever evolving marketplace. The advent of IT, digital and medical technologies, and a range of available product/ service options has significantly changed the way patients and consumers choose and evaluate healthcare services.
Investment into human resource capital and improving HR capabilities with quality, patient safety and healthcare administration skills will be a win-win for your organization, employees and patients alike.

A Multi-Tier Program

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Core Quality & Patient Safety Skills Advanced Quality, Patient Safety & Management Skills JCI Accreditation Preparation
Basic Management Skills (Based on CPHQ Curriculum) Based on FACHE, Six Sigma, PMP & American Board in Quality Assurance A Colloquium & Workshop Approach