The hematology department offers a full battery of routine &  special hematology tests, Body fluid routine analysis including cerebrospinal fluid, routine & special coagulation profile, bone marrow biopsies, and a complete set of Immunohistochemical analysis for accurate & final diagnosis of Hematological malignancies.

The department has been registered for hematology fellowship training since 2013, and currently, six post-graduate resident doctors are part of the hematology team. The section is equipped with three state-of-the-art fully automated hematology analyzers on a total automation system & integrated with automated blood film preparation and staining. The coagulation and other tests are also performed on fully automated systems. The department also performs diagnostic service for hemoglobinopathy on the fully automated chromatographic instrument. The staff consists of 3 well-qualified Haematology consultants, six resident doctors, and 10  experienced technologists.